An automatic gate is the primary thing that guests will see when they arrive. Not only can an automatic gate be stunning and enhancing, they are also crucial for the safety and protection of you, your family and your home.

Automatic gates are able to open and close through a portable remote, fixed remote in the house or by typing in a code. If using a code, it is extremely important to have a code which is difficult to guess (“1234” or “0000” are very weak codes, for example). If you have workers coming over regularly, such as gardeners, pool maintenance, housekeepers or security guards, you should not give the security code to them as it may compromise your security

Automatic gates can either close automatically or have a motion-sensor to stop closing if the sensor senses a barrier. A motion sensor automatic gate can be good if you have small children who might get hurt by the entrance gate, or are worried about your car being scratched by your automatic gate closing. A gate that closes fully before being opened, or will only open with a remote, is a good idea for safety as criminals have been known to discreetly place a small barrier in order to stop the gate from fully closing once the automatic gate has been opened by the owner. Automatic gates can be seen in houses, townhouses, apartment buildings, shopping malls, parks and hotels. An automatic gate can add a grand sophistication to your property, as well as being used for security.

With hijacking one of the most committed crimes in South Africa, criminals are becoming more sly when hijacking cars. There have been reported cases of hijackers following victims home and obstructing their automatic gates from closing and it is important to always be aware of your surroundings and suspicious activity.

Regardless of which type of automatic gate you choose, it is important to stop the car after leaving or returning home to make sure that the automatic gate closes fully and there is nothing preventing the automatic gate from closing fully.