How to Repair a Garage Door

The garage door and motor are the two primary parts the
garage door it made up of. Let’s go through the ways you can repair them both
by starting with the door.

Repairing a Garage Door

With your basic automatic garage doors, there are two types. Overhead garage doors, either lifting or rolling up in sections has the same spring tension operation moving along metal tracks which wheels run on mounted to the walls, with the spring providing all the power for this movement. Most of the time when the door does not operate correctly, repairs need to be done which are fairly simple and easy to do yourself.

Helpful repair tips are:

Step 1: Firstly, check the tracks on which the garage door
runs. This would include mounting brackets, bolts, and screws that will need to
be checked whether they are tight or loose. Loose screws and bolts should
always be tightened. if there are any dents in the track, they should be
pounded out with a rubber mallet or hammer and a wooden block if it’s not too
badly damaged. Depending on the damage, the garage door tracks should be replaced and
with the use of a level.

Step2: Tracks should be inspected with a level to make sure they’re
aligned. Both tracks should be straight with the horizontal track having a slight
slant behind the garage door. To align, loosen the screws without removing them
and tap the brackets carefully into position with the help of a level, tighten
brackets and recheck the level afterward. All tracks must be exactly the same
height as the garage doors with the vertical tracks being exactly flush with
the garage walls.

Step 3: Tracks should be cleaned thoroughly checking for any
rust and hardened dirt should be removed with household cleaner, then dried afterward.
Also, check and clean the sensors of electrical components making sure they are
plugged in correctly as well.

Step 4: On swing-up doors, check for any mechanical or
hardware issues, such as loose screws, also check the plates to which the
spring is mounted, making sure they’re tight. Roll-up doors hinges should all
be checked as they hold the sections of the door together. Loose screws should
be tightened, and hinges should be inspected for any damage. Servicing these
hinges also prevents sagging. If any screw holes are worn out, replace the
screw with a longer or bigger screw with the same diameter, and make use of a
hollow fibre plug dipped in wood glue. If any hinges are cracked remove the
hinge and fill cracks and screw holes with strong wood filler and leave to dry
completely. If cannot be repaired replace the damaged hinge.

Caution: some roll-up doors only have one tension spring in the center and the tension is so great that the spring could badly hurt or kill an individual, please contact a professional repair service for help.