Garage Door Prices

For a brand new garage door without opener the prices start from R5000 all the way up to R20,000 for one of the largest sizes. There are some websites that offer quotes on the internet comparing various companies that offer garage doors. The lowest priced form of door is the fibreglass doors, they are light in terms weight and the good thing about them is they resistant to dents. The fibreglass durability is not very good at though which is why the price can be as low as five hundred rand for a door.

The aluminium doors are slightly higher than Fibreglass garage gates but do have a much better durability level also light in weight however can be dented easier than a fibreglass. Wood is very good when it comes to durability but in South Africa the cost for wood can be very high. Another factor that influences garage door prices is whether the doors are double sided or not when we say double sided we mean that there doors has two layers mostly common with aluminium doors and fibreglass doors.

As always going online to compare quotes can only help you make the best decision, also chatting to people that have garage doors already can shed some light on the situation and help you make the very best decision you can. When choosing a garage door opener you need to consider which type of gate that you have and which type of opener that is required for it to operate the gate. Research is always good also try find out where to get refurbished opener which could cost less.

Garage door options have come a long way over the years. Steel, metal and wooden variations are popular, but nowadays one can benefit from the convenience of having the door open quickly and automatically with just the click of a button.

There is no need to even mention the safety perks that this one particular feature presents. You can dive into your garage, close the doors and enter directly into your house without having to exit your vehicle at all! Of course the garage door prices are set according to how much durability, quality and security or convenience you are after.

You will find that there is absolutely no need to fear finding a reliable and reputable supplier of such doors as the country seems to have an abundance of options for you to choose from. When seeking out the best garage door prices that offer value for money, take the time to gather a few quotes from the various professionals in the field – perhaps they will even advise you on what the best and also most cost-effective options are available to you

The cost of a automated garage gate should not set you back or break the bank. Chat to the installation teams and suppliers about their range and what their service includes. Ensure that your garage is going to be fitted with a door that will not rust quickly or suffer from a faulty motor. Let the suppliers know what your needs are, what budget you have available and leave them to do the rest.