Suppliers & Installers Of Garage Doors We Supply in Sea Point

Sectional Overhead Garage Doors in Sea Point

Sectional overhead garage doors make for one of the best types of doors of their kind, offering the maximum possible security. They help acquire the required safety for motor automation and get made in separate sections, providing adequate protection against high winds, damage, and deterioration. These doors operate by rolling up past the garage opening and moving over into a part parallel to the roof trusses or ceiling.  

Sectional overhead garage doors in Sea Point can have a significant lifespan if installed and used appropriately. Overall, the duration of use depends primarily on the location and material type of the door. 

Roll Up Garage Doors

A roll-up garage door works appropriately to close and seal the opening to a garage space. Also, it is exceptionally cheap and affordable. However, the security level offered by these doors is not sufficient.

Roll-up garage doors Sea Point have an effortless manual operation. Furthermore, their functioning can get automated. Nevertheless, people advise using new automation, such as operators for the latest versions of these doors. 

Tip-Up Garage Doors

Tip-up garage doors have a one-piece and solid surface installed using a jamb hinge on the two sides. In addition, springs come into the application to balance the pivot or joint. These doors can get converted into an automated version. This can be done if they get installed appropriately using specific hardware. The instruments required would depend on the material type and size of the tip-up garage door. 

A tip-up garage door in Sea Point can be used for an exceedingly long time if maintained sufficiently. However, it does not offer the required security and safety against forced and illegal entry attempts. On top of that, these doors do not have proper sealing at the openings. It can lead to the entry of dirt and dust into the garage space. Moreover, the operation of a tip-up garage door can get affected by harsh winds. It depends on its position and effect on the door opener. 

Different Types of Material Used for the Manufacturing of Garage Doors:

Meranti wood

For the wooden garage doors, we use meranti for the wood material. In addition to that, custom variations can get made from balau, gun, saligna, etc. Nevertheless, meranti is the most suitable and widely used timber. It can get owed to its high stability and longevity. If it gets handled and treated appropriately, the wood can outlast the others of its kind and last for a long time. 

The cost associated with wooden garage doors is generally comparatively higher than other materials. It is because they require regular treatment and maintenance to last. 


Aluzinc is a Malaysian product and material composed of 43.5% zinc and 55% aluminum with a 1.5% silicone coating. Generally, it has a thickness of 0.5mm. It can increase have panel thickness to 50mm once completed. 

We make doors that have reinforcement of galvanized steel stiffeners. It provides added strength to the gates, allowing for more security. The materials we make come in four distinct colors. It consists of white, brown, bronze, and charcoal. Additionally, they have two profiles, RFP or block design and horizontal. 

Several manufacturers produce garage doors made of Aluzinc. The cost difference between the items sold by unique producers depends on various factors. It includes powder coating, sheet steel, and base material. The construction component type and material thickness also matter here. 


Aluminum garage doors get composed of extruded slats of metal cut down to an appropriate size. After that, the cut pieces get assembled in a sectional manner. It forms intermediates and end caps. These doors generally get put together solely into sectional variations at our Sea Point branch.

Similar to garage doors made of Aluzinc, the ones composed of aluminum have varying prices and rates. They depend on parameters like thickness, material quality, cutting, etc. For instance, the cost of the doors increases with the width of the raw material. On top of that, height also plays a role in determining the price. 

Fiber Glass

Although relatively expensive and brittle, garage doors made of fiberglass are light and non-corrosive. Nevertheless, they offer considerably low security. Also, they can get damaged easily owing to the high material flexibility. On top of that, the door components can get pulled apart because of the brittleness of the door. Other factors such as harsh winds and imbalanced springs may also play a role. 

According to the garage door installers’ association of America, the gate components must get installed and manufactured in a specific manner. It entails the necessity and requirement of them being set up and assembled safely and securely to ensure safe use. Any changes or alterations to these door component types can result in the premature yet inevitable failure of the garage doors. Moreover, it can affect the lifespan of the fate operator, rendering the gate unsafe and unfit for use.