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    Our team at Garage Doors Cape Town have been servicing Western Cape residents and businesses for over 10 years. We place a high value on every client that calls us and make it our highest priority to attend to every client’s needs as soon as possible. We provide a same day customer garage door repair, routine maintenance and servicing guarantee and service our clients in Cape Town 24 hours a day including public holidays.


    Our  experienced technicians are trained inhouse to ensure we deliver the best possible workmanship to our valued clients. We only use superior parts manufactured by known brands for longevity, safety and usability. We install a wide variety of different types of quality garage doors at affordable prices. Whether you need a new Aluzinc garage door installed, Aluminium, steel or Wooden garage door we supply and fit the door that meets your requirements. Having problems with your garage door motor or need a new one installed? Our technicians are standing by and ready to assist you with the repairing and replacement of all types of door automation systems. All our automation systems comes with the latest technology to make your life more convenient and safe.


    Remember that your garage door is the largest moving object in your home so it is imperative that it’s installed property by a qualified technician and tested to ensure it’s safety and functionality. If your door or automatic garage door opener is not installed correctly your door could come down with a deadly force on top of someone and can lead to serious injuries or death.

    Problems with your Garage Door & need Maintenance?

    Did you know that maintaining your garage door is essential in keeping it working properly and most problems can be avoided if your door is given a little bit of TLC routinely. We specialize in maintenance and repairs of all types of garage doors and know how important it is to keep your door running smoothly at all times.


    • Lubrication of moving parts
    • Garage door track cleaning
    •  Weather seal maintenance & replacement
    • Garage door balance checks
    • Garage door motor & backup battery health testing

    Garage door motor automation experts in Cape Town

    With over 10 years experience fixing and installing garage door motor automation systems you can rest assured that you’ll receive the best service as well as premium motor brands. 


    Our motor features include:


    • Back-up battery (Important for Load shedding)
    • Anti-crushing control (sensors ensure that your garage door will never close on your car or child)
    • Soft start and stop feature for smoother operation
    • Autoclose feature (You can set your motor to close your garage door automatically)

    Garage Door Spring Replacements

    Garage door springs snap mostly because they are old and worn or because the technician that installed the springs didn’t weigh the door first. This is very important as each door depending on the height, width and type of material it’s manufactured out of such as Meranti wood, Aluzinc or steel has different weights which places different stains on the springs and garage door opener. Allot of garage door companies in Table View also sell 2nd hand springs to customers who don’t want to lay out the capital one what they consider a grudge. We advise our clients not to go this route as there is no way to measure the age or integrity of the springs and as one of the most important moving parts on your garage it is wise not to take shortcuts.

    Broken Garage Door Cables

    The function of garage door cables is to keep the door balanced and is pulled up by the extension or torsion springs when to door opens so if one cable snaps it won’t be long before the other does too. The cables roll up and off the drums located on the left and right side of the garage door at the top. This continuous action creates friction between the cables and the drums wearing the cables out and if not maintained eventually snaps. A unevenly distributed garage door due to broken cables puts strain on allot of components like your rollers, springs and tracks. If you notice your door is off balance or making a screeching noise you should let a garage door repair technician in Table View asses it as it’s most probably due for a service.

    Garage Doors Cape Town’ technicians delivers 24/7 Service


    Our Cape Town based team of technicians are standing by to assist you with any garage door repair, maintenance, installations or motor automation services you need. Whether your homes’ garage door needs attention of your factory’s roller shutter door needs to be repaired or replaced we can help.


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    Mobile Phone Operated Garage Door Motors

    • Adjustable speed control
    • Soft Start and Soft Stop
    • Dual Mode adaptive safety force system
    • Infrared Safety Beam Input
    • Intuitive LED display and colour-coded buttons for ease of setup and configuration
    • Autoclose function (with optional override)
    • Door Service Monitor
    • Onboard Holiday Lockout feature

    Gate Motor Repairs & Installation Pro’s In Cape Town

    Is your gate motor giving you problems? We can do a emergency repair or new installation in no time! Our teams are on standby to assist anywhere in Cape Town and we don’t charge a call out fee.

    Our technicians are fully equipped and stocked with all the best gate automation brand parts like Gemini and Centurion. So whether you need a new gate motor, battery or remote we can help!

    With crime in Cape Town hitting all-time-highs we also recommend installing a anti-theft cage on your gate motor to give you peace of mind. Call The Experts Today!

    Garage Door Roller Wheel Replacements in Cape Town

    Garage Doors Cape Town replaces steel and nylon roller wheels on all garage doors. A common problem we encounter is that the ball bearings rust and prevents the wheels from turning. If you have nylon rollers this will cause the wheel to drag in the track and flatten the one side of the wheel which makes it very difficult to open the door and also places allot of pressure on the motor. We inspect all the roller wheels with every service we offer and lubricate them to make sure this never happens. And if need be we will replace all the wheels that aren’t rescuable.


    The pros of nylon wheels is that they are allot quieter than steel wheel and last almost as long as steel wheels. They are also allot cheaper.

    Industrial Roller Shutter Door Repairs, Suppliers & Installations in Cape Town

    Are you tired of thief’s breaking into your house or factory? Our quality and robust roller shutters is your solution. We manufacture custom sizes to fit any opening and supply manual and motor operated systems.

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    Frequent asked Questions

  • Common Garage Door Repair Problems

    Uneven Doors

    One of the easiest and cheapest garage door problems to troubleshoot is uneven doors that don’t go up or down properly. This is generally caused by something blocking the track and can be a simple matter of removing all debris from the way.

    A Broken Spring

    If your door isn’t raising or lowering as it should, it could be due to a broken spring. Whenever you lift the garage door, the springs and cables do the majority of the work to raise the door. It’s a good idea to check this regularly and replace the springs as soon as possible.

    The Door Opens But Won’t Close

    If you have a garage door opener, this is an obvious problem that should be repaired as soon as possible. Clean the lenses of the sensors, and make sure there isn’t anything in front of them.

    The Photo Eye Sensors Are Dirty or Misaligned

    This problem is often related to the photo eyes and can be repaired by cleaning them off and re-aligning them. The photo eyes are essentially beams of light that allow your opener to detect when the door is closed or opened, and it’s critical to have them clean and aligned correctly. The Up Limit Switch Needs Moving: This is a more complex issue and could be due to the up limit switch not being near enough to the motor unit, or the track not being straight. If it’s too far away, it’ll close before the garage door opens, and you won’t be able to use the garage door.
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